Motivating teens to graduate

Had2 is a motivational message company dedicated to helping youth and young adults build personal and professional life skills with a “Had2 Attitude” to achieve their goals. Through our organization, we collaborate with businesses, policymakers, educators, students and parents to develop and push for new ideas that will lead to real improvements. The goal is not to manage innovation but to become innovative.

Mission Statement

To influence today’s youth and young adults toward a positive lifestyle by increasing the graduation rate and reducing violence crime through motivational messaging and educational events.

Vision Statement

Had2 will be the first stop, single source for creating innovated and positive messages design to change the course for every youth and young adult so that they are prepared to compete in the global economy. We want our youth to be prosperous and secure the next generation of good jobs and thriving communities. We will not stop until obstacles are removed, solutions are found, and clear and compelling goals are established.