We’re a small yet strong team working together to inspire and engage young people to finish high school. Learn more about the professionals and mentors behind HAD2.

ron215Ron Watson (full biography) is the Founder and President of HAD2. Ron Watson is big thinker from a small town. His early years with his parents were spent on his grandparent’s farmland in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where he learned the value of perseverance and hard work. Ron attended the University of Arkansas and Harding University, were he continued his education in the field of Sports Management. His work experience includes sales, transportation and security. Ron worked with the Clinton Presidential Campaign, traveling with the President and Vice President Gore as advance lead in motorcade, media and site security.

It was his background in Sports Management and his long-term affiliation with various professional sports icons that inspired his vision in the design and production of sports apparel. In 1996, Ron founded HAD2, whose mission is to create products that display positive messages to motivate and encourage people to develop the positive attitude required to set and reach their goals. His contacts with NFL and NBA Commissioners provided opportunities to create licensed agreements to design, create, and sell special event sports apparel. As a result, HAD2 Productions has partnered with some of the top athletes and celebrities in the world and has even obtained patents for many of his unique styles. His flagship initiative,
HAD2Graduate, continues to gain steam across the nation with a goal of increasing graduation rates while decreasing youth incarceration.

An entrepreneur by nature, Ron went on to establish and run Sooey Foods of Arkansas LLC, maker of the flavorful all-purpose sauce, Sooie Sauce, sold in Walmart, Kroger, and Harp’s stores.

Though he has accomplished much over his professional career, Ron strives to push the envelope – as well as other people – to be the best they can be, aspire to greatness, and obtain their dreams.


Because he “HAD2.”

Near Peer Mentors

meurer215My name is Cori Meurer. For high school, I attended Bishop Miege in Shawnee, KS. There I was a football manager and involved in different aspects of theatre, including set crew and acting. I also played basketball and volleyball during my high school career. My activities in high school helped me develop connections and seeking out different opportunities that can be beneficial to me. Also, high school gave me the confidence and basic skills that will be crucial to my future in college. Currently, I am a Sports Management major and a Communication minor at the University of Arkansas. At the U of A, I am an Alpha Chi Omega and apart of the Student Alumni Association. In the future, I hope to work with a professional team and the continuation of building relationships with people who will help further my career and personal development.

watson215My name is Tristen Watson. I attended Oak Park and River Forest High School. While there I was apart of the wrestling team, intramural basketball, African American leadership club. My activities through out high school helped me build motivation to seek out more opportunities to get involved in the future. I now study Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas. In the future, I plan to make and build relationships with Tyson Foods, Simmons, Pilgrim and Cobb to help make chicken a more efficient product for the near future before the population spike.This take major organization, public speaking, biology, marketing, business skills. All of which can be developed through the education system. The best way to start working toward your career is a degree.

slight215My name is Jonathan Slight. Throughout high school, I was a varsity swimmer, a member of the debate team, and an avid reader. My high school activities helped me build my confidence and prepare for the future. I am now studying International Relations with a minor in Chinese language and Culture at the University of Arkansas. In the future, I plan to work for the United States government as a political analyst. Fields such as this require strength in reading, writing, public speaking, analytic, and interpersonal skills, all of which are honed throughout the general education system. Every skill has a purpose in the world, and the best way for one to show that they have skills is to get a degree.”